Sabrina 16 i like the way harry and louis shine at each other

two years ago: louis af
nine months ago: louis af
one month ago: louis af
one week ago: louis af
yesterday: louis af
today: louis af
tomorrow: louis af
one month later: louis af
one year later: louis af
on death bed: louis af
in hell: louis af


hey guys, just gently reminding you:

  • music is not a status thing.
  • not listening to the top charts music doesn’t make you superior.
  • listening to the top charts music doesn’t make you superior.
  • you are not better than anyone else because of the music you listen to.
  • if you think you are you might be listening to music for all the wrong reasons.
  • music has no expiration date.
  • music is a very personal and emotional thing that means so much to people, so someone who sees you bashing a music style, band, or artist that means a lot to them will feel a lot like you’re bashing their feelings, opinions and judgments.
  • no one likes a music snob, guys.

okay that’s all, have a nice day ^_^



yikes !

#i don’t understand people who’re mad at him?#it’s clear their team changed plans after he promoted the fuck out of that track#they made him look stupid after he promoted ONE DIRECTION’s track#he talked about THEIR new sound#he talked about THEM#he wouldn’t do it just because#it’s clear there was some kind of a deal and then suddenly the track doesn’ even make on the album#anyone would be mad in his place?#you’re dumb if you think that the track didn’t make it bc of his tweets#but oh well (x)
Anonymous asked:
hey idk if you actually like the idea of After but if you don' PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION just google "The book was bad enough, don't let them make it into a movie."

i have babe:) but here’s the link (x) for people who haven’t, i’ve seen that some people are worried about puting their personal details in but i only put my name and my email address, everything else i just put “n/a”, so if you’re more comfortable putting that, but please, please sign it they are still more than 8,000 away from their goal:)

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